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  The power supply of power forklift produced by PaavoKen factory can be used as long-life clean forklift battery for forklift battery, traction carrier and other equipment. PaavoKen batteries have higher capacity and discharge efficiency in the same space range provided by users, so as to meet the working requirements of vehicles for longer time and greater load. Effective integration of European DIN standards and European BS standards in size and capacity. PureDin, PureBS series power supply is the ideal choice for electric forklift trucks.
  PaavoKen's high-quality forklift batteries are widely used in Linde forklift, Toyota forklift, JUNGHEINRICH forklift,NICHIYU forklift, Hester forklift TCM forklift, Eun forklift, Perot forklift, Koran forklift, Komatsu forklift, Hangzhou forklift, modern forklift, Lifu forklift, combined forklift and other imported brand electric forklift trucks.
  At the same time, PaavoKen also provides users with relevant original accessories, including connectors, water filling system and car, battery car, charger and so on. PaavoKen has also developed a maintenance-free colloidal battery for electric forklift trucks with cutting-edge technology, the FullGel PzV series. This series of forklift truck batteries need no water and no acid fog leakage. They are suitable for the industries with high environmental protection requirements, such as biopharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, etc. They are widely used in logistics trucks under low and medium load conditions.

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