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  • Lead-acid Batteries and Environmental Protection

    Lead-acid battery manufacturing is the main industry of lead, and its industrial chain has the risk of lead pollution in primary lead smelting, battery production, waste battery recovery, and recycled lead smelting. However, lead pollution in the whol......【Click Details】

  • Several Characteristics of Lead-acid Batteries

    (1) With the increase of battery capacity, the volume and mass of the battery also increase. The significance of understanding it is to fully understand the allowable area and weight of user's computer room when choosing battery capacity. (2) The inte......【Click Details】

  • Reasons for Vulcanization of Forklift Storage Battery and It

    Lead-acid batteries are one of the main components of electric forklift trucks, which are related to the durable working time of forklift trucks. Due to the influence of site, charging time and other factors in daily work, vulcanization of lead-acid b......【Click Details】

  • What are the types of 12V lead-acid batteries?

    The electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxides. The electrolyte is a kind of battery for sulfuric acid solution. English: Lead-acid battery. In the discharge state, the main composition of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main co......【Click Details】

  • "Machine" and "Danger" of Domestic Lithi

    The implementation of the new national standard will undoubtedly bring a new round of market vitality to the domestic lithium battery industry, but from the product quality, safety performance and consumption experience, it is not easy for domestic li......【Click Details】

  • Characteristics of lead-acid batteries

    Definition: The electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxides, and the electrolyte is a kind of battery for sulfuric acid solution. English name: Lead-acid battery. In discharge state, the main component of positive electrode is lead dioxide, whil......【Click Details】

  • The main performance indicators of lead-acid battery

    The main results of lead-acid battery are as follows :(1) the battery with unqualified safety performance index is unacceptable, among which the most important is explosion and leakage. Explosion and leakage are mainly related to the internal pressure......【Click Details】

  • Lead-acid battery maintenance method

    Electric bicycles and motorcycles have become important means of transportation in large, medium and small cities, and are generally accepted by people. Because the price of electric bikes is generally higher than that of traditional bicycles, the ser......【Click Details】

  • Service life of lead-acid batteries

    Life 1. Discharge depth The life of lead-acid battery is greatly affected by the discharge depth, and the key points of design consideration are deep cycle use, shallow cycle use or floating charge......【Click Details】

  • Lead-acid battery charging method

    The charging voltage remains constant all the time, which is called constant voltage charging method, or constant voltage charging method for short. Since the voltage of the power supply remains constant from the beginning to the later period of const......【Click Details】

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