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Lead-acid battery maintenance method
browse:189 Release date:2019-04-25 02:49:21
  Electric bicycles and motorcycles have become important means of transportation in large, medium and small cities, and are generally accepted by people. Because the price of electric bikes is generally higher than that of traditional bicycles, the service life of electric bikes has become the most concerned issue. In fact, as one of the core components of electric bicycle, the service life of battery determines the service life of electric bicycle to a large extent. So, strengthen the maintenance of the battery, will be able to extend the service life of the battery. It is understood that the battery used in electric vehicles are lead-acid battery, for the maintenance of lead-acid battery, the following gives a series of recommendations, including eight tips.
  Lead-acid battery no memory, is a rapid decline in the capacity of the main battery sulfide and "water" and "loss of electricity" and some other reasons, the most afraid of be battery undervoltage, "kui power" battery "kui electricity", often the battery plate is easily injured, reality is as high as 70% of the electric vehicle battery capacity to reduce electrical plate by discharge of strong current (starting current) strain (electric motorcycle in particular), caused by plate electrode strain belongs to battery physical injury, unable to repair the damage. Accordingly "use car everyday, charge everyday", make sure accumulator has enough voltage to become inevitable at any time.
  Replenish distilled water regularly
  Users generally think that the maintenance-free battery without water, in fact, this statement is wrong. Maintance free accumulator can produce quantity of heat in charging and big current discharge process, have quantity of heat to be able to have moisture to evaporate, although the process of water evaporate is very slow, but time is long, the quantity that accumulative water evaporates nots allow small inspect. Therefore every 6 months or so should give the battery a water, so that the battery life will be extended.
  Electric car start
  The starting current of electric vehicle is very big, especially the electric friction of high-power motor, the starting current is bigger. Large current is very harmful to the battery plate, the best way is to start before the same as riding a bicycle ride, then start the electric car power.
  The battery discharge
  Battery in the use of a period of time will inevitably have some active material sinking, if the active material is not activated in a timely manner, it is bound to cause some impact on the capacity of the battery, therefore, when often using electric vehicles, to do a deep discharge of the battery every season.
  The charger
  The new battery charging process is generally 6-8 hours, the charger will be full of green light, if the charging time is too long to check whether the charger voltage protection device is broken, if broken need to timely exchange the charger, otherwise it is very easy to charge bad battery. In addition, the charger do not buy a fast charger, fast charging is also harmful to the battery plate.
  For a long time not to use
  The purpose of this is to prevent the storage battery placed too long and lead to battery vulcanization and "power".
  Prevent battery exposure
  Exposure to the sun will make the battery temperature rise, greatly shorten the battery life.
  Battery protector
  Battery protector is also a pulse generator, because the pulse uninterrupted elimination of battery vulcanization, so that the plate always keep "clean", so as to extend the battery life effect, but large current damage to the battery plate.
  If the battery is not cleaned in time, it is easy to affect the battery life and power effect. Simply put, the battery is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Keep the battery working normally, battery cleaning is essential. This battery pole column and the chuck is easy to occur between oxidation reaction, serious and even can rot the head of the metal parts.
  Ordinary lead-acid battery, especially to pay attention to the usual cleaning work. Attention should be paid to check whether the pole column and the chuck are connected tightly, whether there is any corrosion and burning damage, and also check whether the exhaust hole is blocked, whether the electrolyte is reduced, if any problem should be dealt with in time. When starting the car, each starting time should not exceed 3 to 5 seconds, and the interval between starting again should not be less than 10 seconds. If the car is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged first. At the same time every other month will start the car, maintain a moderate speed of about 20 minutes. Otherwise, it will be hard to start if it is placed too long. The general maintenance-free battery also often check the work situation, the problem to be replaced in a timely manner.
  Maintenance-free battery, now most cars have begun to use, the battery in use does not need to add distilled water, the terminal will not corrosion, self-discharge less, long life. But if not timely inspection, the battery to the scrap period owners are not clear, the same will affect the normal work of the car.

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