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  • Repair methods of colloidal lead-acid batteries

    Colloid is a new generation of valve-controlled sealed batteries, which has been sealed well at the time of leaving the factory. It is not easy to add electrolyte by itself! If it is added, it will not form colloid, so the electrolyte will leak in use......【Click Details】

  • Lithium Battery Manufacturer

    Lithium-ion batteries are divided into liquid lithium-ion batteries (LIB) and polymer lithium-ion batteries (PLB) according to the different electrolyte data used in lithium-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries......【Click Details】

  • Drum case of lithium battery

    The shell characteristic lithium, atomic number 3, atomic weight 6.941, is the lightest alkali metal element. To improve safety and voltage, scientists have invented materials such as graphite and lithium cobalt oxide to store lithium atoms. The molec......【Click Details】

  • Technical parameters of forklift trucks

    Technical parameter 1, rated lifting weight: The rated lifting weight of forklift truck refers to the maximum weight of goods allowed to be lifted when the distance between the center of gravity of the goods and the front wall of the fork is not great......【Click Details】

  • Guidelines for Start-up Battery Repair

    Start-up batteries repair guide observation and inquiry 1, ask battery life, whether long-term shelf (long-term shelf batteries are prone to serious sulfur, can first use small current desulfurization) or in-use batteries. Has it been repaired, and ha......【Click Details】

  • Five Energy Storage Battery Technologies

    1. At present, most of the electric vehicles are lithium iron phosphate batteries, but there are still some difficulties in popularizing lithium electric vehicles: (1) Price. The cost of batteries accounts for more than half of electric cars. The late......【Click Details】

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