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Lithium Battery Manufacturer
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  According to the different electrolytes used in lithium-ion batteries, there are Liquified lithium-ion Battery (LIB) and Polymer lithium-ion Battery (PLB).
  Lithium ion battery
  Rechargeable lithium ion battery is the mobile phone, notebook computer and other modern digital products in the application of the most widely used battery, but it is relatively "spoiled", in the use of not too charged, put (will damage the battery or make it invalid). Thus, there are protective elements or protective circuits on the battery to avoid costly battery damage. Lithium ion battery charging requirements are very high, to ensure that the stop voltage precision within 1%, the major semiconductor equipment factory has developed a variety of lithium ion battery charging IC, to ensure safe, reliable, fast charging.
  Phones are basically powered by lithium-ion batteries. Proper use of lithium-ion batteries is important for extending battery life. It can be made into flat rectangles, cylinders, rectangles and buckles according to the requirements of different electronic products, and has a battery pack composed of several batteries in series and parallel connection. The additional voltage of the lithium ion battery, due to changes in the data, is generally 3.7V, and the positive electrode of lithium iron phosphate (hereinafter referred to as ferrophosphorus) is 3.2V. When charging, the stop charging voltage is generally 4.2v and ferrophosphorus 3.65v. The stopping and discharging voltage of the lithium ion battery is 2.75v ~ 3.0v (the battery factory gives the operating voltage scale or the stopping and discharging voltage, and the parameters are slightly different, generally 3.0v and 2.5v for ferrophosphorus). Discharge below 2.5v (ferrophosphorus 2.0v) is called over discharge, which is harmful to the battery.
Lithium Battery Manufacturer
  Lithium ion battery with positive electrode type data of lithium cobalt oxide is not suitable for large current discharge. If the current discharge is too large, the discharge time will decrease (the internal temperature will be higher and the energy will be lost), and the risk may occur. However, lithium iron phosphate anode material lithium battery can charge and discharge at a large current of 20C or even larger (C is the capacity of the battery, such as C=800mAh, 1C charging rate is 800mA), which is particularly suitable for the use of electric vehicles. Therefore, the maximum discharge current given by the battery manufacturer should be less than the maximum discharge current in use. Lithium ion battery has certain requirements on temperature. The factory has given the scale of charging temperature, discharging temperature and storage temperature. Overvoltage charging will lead to permanent damage of lithium ion battery. The charging current of lithium ion battery should be based on the recommendation of the battery manufacturer, and the limited current circuit is required to avoid overcurrent (overheating). The commonly used charging rate is 0.25C ~ 1C. When charging at high current, the battery temperature is often checked to avoid overheating, damaging the battery or causing an explosion.
  Lithium ion battery charging is divided into two stages: constant current charging and constant voltage charging when close to the stop voltage. For example, a battery with a capacity of 800mAh has a stop charging voltage of 4.2v. Battery at 800 ma (charge rate for 1 c) constant current charging, at the beginning of the battery voltage to a larger slope booster, when battery voltage near 4.2 V to 4.2 V constant voltage charging, gradual decline current, voltage change is not big, the charging current to 1/10-50 c (GeChang value of indeterminacy of dispute, does not affect use), filled with thought come near, to stop charging (some charger to 1/10 c launched after the timer, after a certain time end charging).

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