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"Machine" and "Danger" of Domestic Lithi
browse:160 Release date:2019-04-25 03:02:12
  The implementation of the new national standard will undoubtedly bring a new round of market vitality to the domestic lithium battery industry, but from the product quality, safety performance and consumption experience, it is not easy for domestic lithium power plants to really want to share a cup.
  First of all, quality and safety. It is understood that the 18650 battery has the advantages of high automation, good stability, high replaceability and relatively low cost. At present, the battery model of lithium-ion electric bicycle is mainly 18650.
  But the biggest disadvantage of 18650 battery is that its single battery capacity is low, so the number of batteries needed is very large and the management of batteries is more complex. This leads to the need for heat management when 18650 battery works. Because of the small temperature difference inside the single body, it is difficult to maintain the temperature difference of the whole battery pack in the appropriate range.
  In the price-sensitive field of electric bicycles, on the one hand, to achieve excellence in battery safety management, on the other hand, to ensure low cost, there are still some challenges and difficulties for lithium power plants.
  Next is the vicious competition in the industry. At present, there are many batteries manufacturers engaged in 18650 models in China, and the homogeneity of products is serious. Under the background of market profit-seeking, it is inevitable that inferior products with low price competition and mixed fishes and Dragons will emerge. Therefore, the market needs to be vigilant against the emergence of bad currency to expel good money.
  Third, the market impact of the world's first-class battery manufacturers. Recently, new products released by Yadi and Mavericks have international labels such as Panasonic and LG. In order to gain a firm foothold in the high-end market, imported batteries have become an important choice for manufacturers of electric bicycles.
  Gaogong Lithium Electric also noticed that Panasonic is also taking advantage of the trend in China's electric bicycle market. In this non-subsidy area, consumer demand dominates the dominant voice of the market. With the upgrading of market consumption level, imported batteries may occupy an important position.
  Fourthly, the market position of lead-acid in the third, fourth and lower cities is difficult to shake in the short term. On the one hand, lead-acid batteries still have advantages that lithium batteries can not match in price space and marketing network; on the other hand, new technologies to improve the performance of lead-acid batteries are still emerging.
  In the long run, the death knell of lead-acid batteries in the field of electric bicycles has sounded, and lithium electrification will become an irresistible trend, but in the next 2-3 years, lithium and lead-acid will still coexist.

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