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Lead-acid Batteries and Environmental Protection
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  Lead-acid battery manufacturing is the main industry of lead, and its industrial chain has the risk of lead pollution in primary lead smelting, battery production, waste battery recovery, and recycled lead smelting. However, lead pollution in the whole process of the industrial chain can be effectively controlled. Lead pollution prevention technology is relatively mature, foreign existing complete set of the original lead and regenerative lead smelting technology and equipment, can provide domestic lead smelting technology basic mature, including lead-acid battery manufacturing, as long as according to the standard configuration of advanced environmental protection equipment, environmental equipment normal operation, the basic will not result in lead contamination. In the lead-acid battery manufacturing field, advanced clean, automatic, mechanized production equipment, as well as advanced environmental protection technology and equipment have been widely used, so that lead compounds in lead smoke, lead dust and water can be effectively treated and lead pollution can be effectively controlled. The advanced production technology includes: one furnace multi-machine plate grid casting technology, lead ingot cold cutting technology, automatic coating and brush sheet, internalization technology, etc. Advanced environmental protection processes include: high efficiency pulsed lead dust processor, multi-stage wet lead smoke processor, alkali fog spray type acid fog processor, waste water reuse system, etc. In the past, the frequent lead pollution events in China were mainly caused by the inadequacy of relevant laws and regulations, policies and whole-process management. The first is the disorderly competition among smelters. In particular, small smelters and illegal smelters, in order to compete for the market at a low price, adopt local smelting methods without environmental protection facilities or abnormal operation of facilities. There are even some large smelters in order to reduce costs, the existence of environmental governance is not standardized phenomenon, leading to the occurrence of pollution incidents of primary lead enterprises. Second, there are a large number of small lead-acid battery manufacturing plants, whose production equipment is backward and cannot be equipped with complete and advanced environmental protection equipment and sanitary protection facilities, which is not conducive to environmental protection and resource utilization. Third, the recovery of lead-acid battery is completely in the state of unorganized recovery, which is an important link causing lead and acid pollution. Fourth, a large number of used batteries flow to small regenerated lead plants. Fifth, the power lead-acid battery has cadmium pollution risk.
  One of the lead-acid battery production country in the world, use the lead more than 200 ten thousand tons, with U.S. laws and regulations, control of lead pollution, realize the use of lead closed-circuit circulation, from native lead smelting, battery manufacturing, remelted lead the implementation of "from cradle to grave" tracking, producers and shippers, operators, product owners and the governments at various levels shall be borne by "Shared responsibility", make the lead-acid battery industry chain lead pollution has been effectively controlled. In recent years, with the gradual promulgation and strict implementation of relevant domestic laws and regulations and industrial policies and norms, the environmental protection awareness of lead-acid battery enterprises has been gradually enhanced, and the pollution control technology has been continuously improved, and the lead pollution of major enterprises in the industry has also been effectively prevented and controlled. In particular, the state ministry of industry and information technology and the ministry of environmental protection have conducted industry access verification, industry standard condition verification and industry environmental protection verification. Compared with other harmful metals, lead pollution can be controlled and prevented, and lead poisoning can also be treated. To a certain extent, lead poisoning or excessive blood lead can be reversed, and can be recovered through diet and drug regulation.
Lead-acid Batteries and Environmental Protection

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