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Characteristics of lead-acid batteries
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  Definition: The electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxides, and the electrolyte is a kind of battery for sulfuric acid solution. English name: Lead-acid battery. In the discharge state, the main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead; in the charge state, the main component of the positive and negative electrode is lead sulfate. It is divided into exhaust battery and maintenance-free lead-acid battery.
  The battery is mainly composed of tubular positive plate, negative plate, electrolyte, separator, battery cell, battery cover, pole, injection cover, etc. The electrodes of exhaust batteries are composed of lead and lead oxides, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. The main advantages are voltage stability and low price, while the disadvantages are low specific energy (i.e. the energy stored in the battery per kilogram), short service life and frequent daily maintenance. Old-fashioned ordinary batteries generally have a life of about 2 years, and the height of the electrolyte should be checked regularly and distilled water should be added. However, with the development of science and technology, lead-acid batteries have a longer life and easier maintenance.
  The most obvious feature of lead-acid batteries is that they have a screwable plastic sealing cap on the top and air vents on it. These Injection caps are used for filling pure water, checking electrolytes and discharging gases. In theory, lead-acid batteries need to check the density and height of the electrolyte at each maintenance time, and if there is a lack of distilled water to be added. However, with the upgrading of battery manufacturing technology, lead-acid batteries have developed into lead-acid maintenance-free batteries and colloidal maintenance-free batteries. There is no need to add electrolyte or distilled water in the use of lead-acid batteries. The oxygen generated by the positive electrode can be absorbed in the negative electrode to achieve oxygen cycle, which can prevent the reduction of water. Lead-acid batteries are mostly used in tractors, tricycles, car starters, etc., while maintenance-free lead-acid batteries have a wider range of applications, including uninterrupted power supply, electric vehicle power, electric bicycle batteries, etc. Lead-acid batteries can be divided into constant current discharge (such as uninterruptible power supply) and instantaneous discharge (such as automobile start-up battery) according to their application needs.
Characteristics of lead-acid batteries

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