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Capacity of lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles
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  At present the electric vehicle battery has the lead-acid battery, the lithium battery two kinds! Lead-acid battery has a capacity of 12AH, 14AH, 20AH and 24Ah, but the capacity of lithium battery is not certain, because lithium battery can be arbitrarily combined to get a large capacity battery, such as 48V40Ah, 72V80Ah and so on
  Said electric vehicle battery capacity of the battery to store electrical energy, the electric vehicle battery after fully charged, to a certain value of continuous discharge batteries, from discharge to terminal voltage drop to provisions of discharging termination voltage, discharge current and time value, the product of said electric vehicle battery capacity of the unit for ampere hour, usually expressed in "Ah". Electric bicycle battery fully charged, the temperature of (25 + 2) ℃ environment let stand 1 ~ 4 h, and then to 1/2 rated capacity of the battery (2 hours) of constant current discharge to the monomer accumulator (A) the average voltage of 1.6 V (6 V battery is 4.8 V, 12 V) 9.6 is terminated, record the discharge time. The new electric vehicle battery in three tests, discharge time is more than 120min once is qualified. The actual discharge current of the electric vehicle multiplied by the actual discharge hours is the actual capacity of the battery.
  The capacity of electric vehicle battery depends on the amount of active substance and electrolyte mass involved in electrochemical reaction. The manufacturing process of the plate, the size of the geometry and the temperature of the battery also have an effect on the actual capacity measured. The more the number of plates, the larger the relative area, the more active substances involved in the chemical reaction, the larger the electric vehicle battery; The higher the temperature of the battery, the electrolyte to the electrode penetration capacity is super strong, the depth of the active material involved in chemical reaction is deeper, electric car battery is also larger. Valve-controlled lead-acid batteries commonly used in electric vehicles have 6-dzm-10 and 6-dzm-20 standard specifications. Here, 6 refers to the battery is composed of 6 clusters in series. The former has a 2Hr capacity of 10 ampere hours (Ah), while the latter has a 2Hr capacity of 20Ah. In order to adapt to more design, after adjusting the shape of the battery plate, thickness, quantity and electrolyte concentration, active substance dosage ratio and other processes, there are also such as 6-dzm-7, 6-dzm-12, 6-dzm-17, 6-dzm-18, 6-dzm-24 and other models. 6-dzm-10, in which 6 stands for 6 single cells, D for electric, Z for power, M for maintenance free, 10 for nominal capacity, general national regulations 2hr, 5hr, 10hr and 20hr several common discharge rate nominal capacity, the actual capacity is determined by the specific discharge conditions hello! The capacity of lead-acid battery is 10AH, 12AH, 14AH, 20AH and 22AH.
Capacity of lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles

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