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Impact of Traditional Lead-acid Batteries
browse:231 Release date:2019-04-25 02:42:27
  With the development of The Times, now the requirements for UPS are becoming higher and higher, including high capacity, small size, high safety and environmental protection. Since there is demand, there will be more products that meet these requirements, and UPS is a higher capacity, smaller size, more safe and environmentally friendly uninterrupted power supply developed in response to the requirements of The Times.
  Uninterruptible power supply has many different types of lithium battery UPS for different applications. Today, what we are going to talk about is the rack UPS power supply used in the field of data center and its impact on traditional lead-acid batteries.
  Lead acid battery
  Lead-acid batteries are UPS devices used to store electrical energy. They are made up of several batteries in series. Their capacity determines the time for maintaining discharge (power supply). Its main functions are as follows: 1. When the municipal electricity is normal, the electric energy is converted into chemical energy and stored in the battery. When the power failure occurs, the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy and supplied to the inverter or load.
  Rack mounted UPS
  Rack power supply is one of many power sources, which is mainly used in integrated centralized power supply equipment of security system. It is an inevitable product of standardized management and centralized management of security system. The rack UPS installation mode makes the machine superior to the traditional lead-acid batteries in size (occupying small space), layout (connecting wiring in the cabinet), vision (unified and concise), reliability (preventing misoperation and miscontact), and meets the requirements of integrated installation of users.
  Comparing Frame UPS with Lead-acid Battery
  _Volume weight
  机架式UPS比铅酸蓄电池重约三分之一。 This saves the cost of data center construction and does not require floor reinforcement to bear more weight.
  The size of rack UPS battery cabinet is usually half of lead-acid battery cabinet. It can save 50% of the area to reach the same capacity. This enables enterprises to redesign data centers and increase the available space of IT systems. Because the space of the rack UPS battery cabinet for UPS energy storage can be smaller, the construction cost of the new data center can be saved.
  _Working environment temperature
  The working temperature of the stand UPS power supply is 20 - 60 C, but the performance of lithium battery will decrease when the temperature is lower than 0 C, and the discharge capacity will decrease accordingly. Therefore, the working temperature of the stand UPS power supply with complete performance is usually 0 - 40 C.
  The performance of lead-acid batteries can be fully developed in the working temperature range of 15 - 35 C, and the capacity will be reduced to a certain extent when the temperature is lower than 0 C. Air conditioning is needed to regulate the temperature, and the increased air conditioning not only needs to increase the area occupied, but also increases the cost of electricity.
  Lithium batteries are equipped with built-in battery management system (BMS), which can provide automatic status, fault monitoring, battery balance, power optimization and external communication monitoring and maintenance functions. Battery Management System (BMS) enables data center facility engineers to monitor battery operation time and health more easily, reduce labor and maintenance costs, and significantly reduce the risk of battery pack failure.
  Lead-acid batteries require more maintenance, such as using insulating tools when loading and unloading conductive connectors, and wearing insulating gloves, aprons and protective glasses when installing or handling batteries. During the installation and handling of batteries, only non-metallic sling can be used, and wire rope can not be used.
  In the field of data center, rack UPS has more advantages than lead-acid batteries. So now more and more stand-type lithium-ion UPS have replaced lead-acid batteries which were widely used. With the development of science and technology, the function of stand-type lithium UPS is more and more, which is more environmentally friendly and more conducive to saving costs for users.

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