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BS series forklift battery
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BS series forklift battery
  Advantages of Paavoken Power Electric Forklift Battery
  1. PowerCan batteries have higher capacity in the same space provided by customers.
  2. Higher discharge efficiency
  3. Longer running time and higher reliability
  4. Mature, Perfect and Strictly Executed Technologies
  5. Effective integration of European DIN standards and European BS standards in size and capacity
  6. Higher service life
  The main manufacturers of BS standard forklift trucks are Linde Forklift, Toyota Forklift, JUNGHEINRICH Forklift, Hester Forklift, NICHIYU Forklift  and other imported brands.
  BS Standard Series Parameters of Paavoken Forklift Battery
  (Due to the continuous upgrading of products and technologies, if there are any changes in this information, please consult our technical staff if necessary.)

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