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PzV maintenance-free tubular colloidal forklift battery
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PzV maintenance-free tubular colloidal forklift battery
       Introduction of PzV Series Batteries for Paavoken Tube Colloidal Forklift Truck
  The special storage battery for tubular colloidal forklift truck battery is a maintenance-free colloidal storage battery with advanced technical strength. It has the following characteristics:
  1. Maintenance-free, no rehydration during service life, greatly reducing operating costs;
  2. Environmental protection, no acid liquid and acid fog leak during use;
  3. Energy-saving, using special high-frequency, low-energy charger, special charging procedures, energy-saving up to 30%;
  4. The colloidal electrolyte was formed by mixing highly dispersed gaseous silica with high purity sulfuric acid, which prevented leakage and electrolyte stratification.
  5. The product structure effectively integrates the mature tubular structure of traction batteries and adopts more corrosion-resistant alloys, which ensures the internal high efficiency of oxygen recombination, prevents water loss and realizes maintenance-free.
  6. The product size conforms to DIN 60254-2 and IEC 60254-2 standards.
  application area
  It is suitable for maintenance-free logistics carrier in biopharmaceutical, food manufacturing and other industries which require higher environmental protection. It can be used under low and medium load conditions.

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