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EV gel cell
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  Product features:
  European quality power battery EV series products are designed and developed for new energy electric road vehicles, electric vehicles, electric pallet cars and other high-performance maintenance free products
  Colloidal battery
  1. Long service life, special power paste formula, corrosion-resistant multi-element alloy, excellent battery deep cycle performance;
  2. The high current discharge performance is good, and the unique structure design makes the battery have high specific power performance, which makes the vehicle have strong climbing ability and fast start;
  3. It has strong charging acceptance, adopts materials and structural design with excellent conductivity, low internal resistance, good conductivity, high charging conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection
  4. The product can be used in the environment of - 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;
  5. Safety and environmental protection, high-strength shell and terminal sealing method are adopted, which are installed on the vehicle with excellent bump resistance and impact resistance; less maintenance during battery use, saving labor and management costs; the comprehensive recovery rate of the product is more than 90%.
  Main application fields:
  ◆ new energy electric vehicles, electric road vehicles
  ◆ sightseeing bus, golf cart
  ◆ patrol car and electric truck
  ◆ electric cleaning vehicle, property transport vehicle
  ◆ electric pallet truck

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         Specification and model

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